Healthy Snacks

School is back in session so let’s talk snacks!

A survey commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control found that there are five categories of food and drinks from which children are getting excessive amounts of sugar each day & should avoid!
•Non-juice drinks, such as soda, and sports/energy drinks
•Fruit drinks (including 100% fruit juice)
•Grain-based sweets like snack cakes and cookies
•Dairy desserts, such as puddings

-Cold, cough and allergies:
One of the most common effects sugar can have on children are cold-like symptoms.
-Weakened immune system:
When kids consume too much sugar, it can alter the balance between good and bad bacteria and weaken their immune systems.
-Vitamin and Mineral Depletion:
The refined sugars you consume use your body’s stored B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium for its digestion. This will eventually deplete your body’s stores of these nutrients. With lesser B vitamins in the body, your nervous system suffers. This leads to you experiencing fatigue, depression, anxiety, and lethargy. In addition, the lack of calcium and magnesium also leads to arthritis!
-Decrease in oral health:
Too much sugar can cause cavities.
-Diabetes: A high-sugar diet can increase a child’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes or the prediabetic condition known as insulin resistance syndrome.

Solution: avoid sugar as much as possible!

Here’s are some healthy after school snacks full of vitamin and nutrients! The less processed the better:

-Organic turkey deli meat and fresh fruit
-Apple slices with nut butter
-Hard boiled eggs
-Celery or carrot sticks with nut butter
-Nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews)
-Guacamole with plantain chips
-Sugar-snap peas, snowpeas, grape tomatoes or bell pepper slices with hummus
-Banana with almond butter drizzle
-Fruit kabobs
-Kale chips