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Food is our first medicine

Explore the effects of nutrient-rich foods


Nutritionist Denver, CO
Together we create a diet SPECIFIC for you that you will ENJOY while providing the nutrients your body needs.

Food is our first Medicine – learn to explore nutrient dense foods you will love.

Identify and correct nutritional deficiencies with specific foods and supplements.

Identify food sensitivities and allergies for optimal nutritional absorption.

We are not what we eat – we are what we absorb. We will strengthen the digestive system for better absorption of nutrients and optimal health.

What to expect from a Nutrition Consult

Nutrition plays a huge role in our overall health and whether I am seeing a client for constipation, headaches or Hashimoto’s disease. I use a 5 step plan:

  1. Evaluate diet and environment.
  2. Nourish the body with high-density nutrients, using food as our first medicine
  3. Improve lifestyle, sleep, movement, reduce stress
  4. Heal the gut
  5. Use supplements for optimal health

Changing the way we look at food is critical for optimal health.  Long have we looked at food to satisfy a hunger feeling and to soothe emotional disturbances.  I encourage clients to see food as medicine designed to nourish and fuel our bodies.  If we see our bodies as the beautiful temple that we ask to do so many things like think, move, digest, to heal and perform many tasks then we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure optimal performance.  Our bodies are under attack by environmental toxins, GMO foods, foods full of antibiotics and pesticides, and stress so we need to think of good whole foods as an opportunity to nourish and eradicate some of the damage done by the toxic overload.

We look at specific nutritional deficiency (vitamins and mineral) based on your current diet and including the past 6 weeks.  Besides looking at diet and lifestyle we look at what symptoms you are having. After all, we care about what we look like and how we feel. For example, the most common nutritional deficiencies associated with acne are EFA, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, and Zinc. Not only do I show you where to find these nutrients in food, but after we heal the gut I sell the best supplements on the market, proven to work. We deserve to look and feel our best.

From there we look at each of those nutrients and I teach you where to find those specific nutrients in food.  We look at each of the nutrients and I encourage you to get those through foods in your diet daily.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were able to use food as our prescription rather than taking an anxiety medication that always has side effects that have the potential to make our health even worse?

We also look at lifestyle items such as:

  • What areas in your life are causing stress and how severe is it; stress plays a large role in our overall health.
  • How much sleep do you get?  Is it interrupted? How do you feel when you get up?
  • How much water do you consume?  The number one cause of constipation is hydration.  The number one cause of headaches is dehydration.
  • How much movement do you get in a day?  We need to move daily for our bodies to be healthy.

After looking at your diet and lifestyle we work on healing the gut, by using specific nutrients and herbal formulas.  This step is critical because if the gut is impaired and it often is because there are food and medications that are impairing the absorption of the nutrients.

After several months of gut healing nutrients, we add in supplements designed specifically for you.  Remember supplements are just that – they are a supplement to a nutritious diet.  We do this slowly so that you can observe any potential reactions that you may have to any supplement.

I spend a great deal of time researching different nutraceutical companies and their products looking for the most effective formulas at the best cost to my clients.  Quality is my biggest concern because my clients pay for results and my client get RESULTS.  Call me at 303-221-2621 to learn how I can help you feel GREAT!!!

Supplements – Confusion?

With so much confusion about supplements we continually research products to provide the best quality (allergy free), cost effective medicinal grade supplement to support optimal health.