The Power of Pea Protein

Increasing protein consumption in your diet is great for your health. Many do this by using protein powders for convenience.
Read below about the power of pea protein and consider this option instead of whey or casein protein.

“Perhaps one of the most enticing health benefits of pea protein is its ability to positively modulate the gut microbiota. Pea protein is high in lysine, making it susceptible to glycation and increasing its bioavailability. Glycated pea protein has been shown to significantly increase Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria resulting in increased production of short chain fatty acids. Glycated pea protein also improved bacterial adhesion to enterocytes. Collectively, these effects positively modulate the gut microbiota, which can have far-reaching health benefits.

Pea protein may be especially helpful for those with an allergy or sensitivity to dairy-based components (whey and casein), especially among individuals with compromised gut and immune health. These issues make these popular sources of protein powder off limits to a large number of people. Soy is another commonly available non-dairy protein source, but soy carries its own undesirable attributes, such as genetic modification, allergenicity, poor digestibility, and its researched roles in disturbing thyroid function and hormone balance. With these two main players out, consumers are left with novel proteins such as hemp, egg (which is also allergenic to many), rice, quinoa, or … peas…”

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